Orthopedic Mission

Orthopedic Mission, patient in a hospital room

CINI's first annual Orthopedic Mission is under way. We are excited to report that Shriners Hospitals for Children in Sacramento, California is willing to sponsor three of the children on our Orthopedic list. We are grateful to Shriners for agreeing to cover the medical costs of all three patients. Never have CINI's partnerships proved to be more critical than in our current orthopedic mission.  On February 25th, three Iraqi children and their mothers boarded Royal Jordanian in Amman for a 12 hour flight to Chicago.  That same day, board member Sandy Brown left her home in North Carolina to meet them in Chicago and escort them to Sacramento.  Traveler's Aid was standing by to assist the mothers through customs at Chicago's O'Hare airport.

The flight arrived on schedule at 4:55, but the wait in customs was well over 5 hours.  This delay caused all members of CINI group to miss the scheduled flight to Sacramento.  Thankfully, CINI's partner, Traveler's Aid was there to help!  While one Traveler's Aid representative helped usher the families through customs, another was busy rescheduling the flights fro the following day and helping Sandy arrange rooms for the night.  Finally, at around midnight, everyone was checked in safely for a quick night's sleep before departing early the next day for Sacramento.

The tired group of travelers was greeted at the Sacramento airport by the friendly faces of three host families from the Masjid Annur Islamic Center.  CINI volunteer and photographer Teri Soares was also on hand.  After the bags were gathered, Sandy and Teri accompanied the child, Aya and her mother Nawal, to their first doctor's appointment only an hour after arriving in Sacramento.  Follow the links below for more detailed information and pictures of each child. 

CINI is deeply indebted to the gracious host families as well as other members of the Islamic Center who volunteered their time to translate at each medical appointment.  The mothers, the Shriner's staff, and CINI rely on the translators and they are an integral part of the success of the mission.  Without our dedicated partners, these medical missions would not be possible. 

If you would like to sponsor a child or donate to this mission, please go to our Giving Page. Below you will find a link to more information about each child. Please continue to check back for regular updates regarding the progress of the mission and more specific dates.

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